im Cilia im 21 i live in sweden

Jul 25


Sucks that you should get these awful flash feelings always when youre alone and theres no one around to hug you so at least feel a little bit better. the only one i have is my teddy bear but im too lazy to get out of bed and get him

I watched basketball diaries which turned out to be one of those movies which makes me feel like om not real and like im stuck in the film, and then i read a sort of journal i kept one and two years ago, its really depressing and sad and pretentious. And now im thinking about all the reasons i have to be sad. I miss my mom so much i could die. I feel so alone and weird and unreal and sad. This is a horrible feeling i wish i was more tired so i could go to sleep and not feel anymore but i ll have to wait

Anonymous said: i wish that i could post my body on my blog. i am always worried though. you are beautiful dear, and you just boosted me one step closer to thinking about posting body pics xx

thers nothing to be worried about :)


Jul 22

Im makinh a new playlist called Freaky Girl and its exavtly what it sounds like

Let go by avril was my first favorite album ever and after that it was laundry service by shakira

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